Robert Sapp
Husband, Father, Sailor, Author

Lunar Dance—A Science Fiction Thriller

From the boardroom to the courtroom, the halls of Congress to the launch pad, Lunar Dance is a story of ambitious dreams, bold actions and eternal love set amid the high stakes world of today's commercial launch industry, where the opportunities are boundless, but failure leads to certain death.

When maverick aerospace startup Roadrunner Rockets hired former NASA engineer Carl Heinel, they knew nothing about the secret that consumed him. But Carl soon realizes that their revolutionary technology could allow him to keep a promise from his distant past—a promise he is committed to fulfilling, regardless of the cost. The one piece he needs to make it all possible is a retired space shuttle.

Lunar Dance follows Carl and the team from Roadrunner Rockets as they implement their elaborate plan to secretly obtain the shuttle they need and embark on the greatest adventure in history. A plan in which everything is hidden in plain sight, nothing is as it seems, and only a handful of people know the real truth.

Everything is proceeding very well—until it all goes catastrophically wrong.

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